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SUKI is our interpretation of quintessential street food from Korea, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Japan. 

We keep it simple with a focus on flavour and quality. All our dishes are freshly prepared  in-house using local meats, fresh produce and authentic Asian ingredients.

From our popular SUKI bowls to delicious small bites like Gyoza, to healthy Pho, tasty Bao buns and classic Korean fried chicken, our menu has exciting dishes for everyone including vegetarians and vegans.

For more info go to WWW.EATATSUKI.COM and our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

To order call 07394 534337.

Opening times:

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 1 - 8pm

Wednesday - 1 - 8pm

Thursday - 1 - 8pm

Friday - 1 - 8:30pm 

Saturday - 1 - 8:30pm

Sunday - Closed

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